BeckElec headquartered in Phoenix, AZ , is a high quality manufacturer of XO,VCXO, TCXO, and OCXO’s from DC to 1GHz  that are ideal for use in RF telecommunications, Stratum and SONET telephone switches, synthesizers, GPS, test and measurement and avionic applications as they provide low phase noise, miniature packaging at competitive prices.

BeckElec is capable of supporting programs of all sizes - from custom and legacy replacement products no longer available from the original manufacturer. built at our Phoenix location - to high volume price sensitive applications manufactured at our Asian based ISO certified partner facilities.

BeckElec’s experienced management and design team has nearly 100 years of service in the crystal industry. At BeckElec our promise to our customers is to endlessly pursue perfection and provide the best possible solution at the best possible price. Thus our motto “On Time - Every Time” stands for our dedication to provide our customers precision timing devices delivered as scheduled every time. We look forward to working with your company and becoming your preferred partner for frequency control products.


Key Personnel at BeckElec:


Bill Beck – President     Email:

 Bill founded BeckElec in 1999 with the vision of providing innovative designs that would meet customer’s stringent requirements. Bill has a wide breadth of experience and has held the following positions in his 30+ year career:

Monitor Products      

  • Engineering Technician
  • Production Manager
  • Sales Manager

 Spectrum Technology

  • Sales & Marketing Manager


  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Key Account Manager


  • Sales & Marketing Manager
  • Fareast Supplier Manager


  • Business & Marketing Manager


Gary Gresch – V.P. of Engineering          Email:

 Gary joined BeckElec in June, 2000 and is BeckElec’s primary design engineer. 

Gary has an M.S. in engineering from Northern Illinois University. Northern Illinois is one of only a few schools with engineering programs that specialize in crystal oscillator design.  Many of their graduates were employees of CTS Knights – including Gary.

Gary has over 30 years of experience in the crystal/oscillator industry and worked with Bill Beck at CTS where we had many successful designs for AT&T, Lucent, Northern Telecom, Rockwell and others.

 Gary is one of the most creative oscillator designers in the industry and we are very happy to have his experience and creativity at BeckElec.


James Fischer – V.P.  of Sales         Email:

 James joined BeckElec in 2012 and is responsible for BeckElec’s interaction with customers to determine their frequency control needs and provide the best possible option for their application. James is also tasked to provide BeckElec’s roadmap for future product offerings based on industry and customer needs.

James background in electronics started during a career in the U.S. Air Force, where he specialized in Avionics Systems Management. Upon retirement James went to work for EPI Inc of Kansas City, MO in 1995 as an independent representative for a wide variety of electronic component manufacturer’s.

James then transitioned to a factory position as a Regional Manager for the Frequency Control division of Temex Electronics.

Since then James, prior to joining BeckElec, has worked at Tellurian Technologies as their National Sales Manager and MMD Components as their Director of Sales and Marketing.